Five Great Kitchen Projects for DIY Newcomers

Top 5 Kitchen DIY's
Kitchen Projects for DIY

For newcomers, do-it-yourself projects can seem intimidating and inaccessible. However, getting past the hurdle of fear is half the battle. Once a project is started, those with DIY aspirations usually find the work to be manageable and rewarding.

If you are a first-time DIYer, it would be smart to start small. The kitchen is a great place to begin your DIY journey, as it presents many opportunities for small projects and upgrades. From something as small as swapping cabinet hardware to making your own kitchen island, the possibilities are vast. So, if you have been considering a DIY project for your home but are unsure where to start, here are five great do-it-yourself kitchen project suggestions.

Upgrade Faucets
Upgrading your faucets is a great project to get your foot in the DIY water. It is inexpensive and has many benefits. A new faucet will not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, it will also improve the overall functionality of your sink. Be sure to turn your water off before beginning this project!

Optimize Wall Space
Kitchen walls are often left bare. Many don’t realize the great storage and aesthetic opportunities they are missing. Optimizing your kitchen wall space with shelving, hooks, or racks is an affordable project that can completely change the look of your kitchen. Tasteful installation and placement of hooks and shelving for plates, strainers, pots, or pans can add a beautiful rustic look to your kitchen.

Customize Backsplash
Kitchen backsplashes are often neglected. However, that area between your counters and cabinets offers opportunities to add style and sophistication to your kitchen. Backsplashes come in a variety of materials, designs, and colors at an affordable price. Installation is usually as simple as mounting with an adhesive. Installing a new backsplash is a simple project that will leave your kitchen transformed.

Install a Ceiling Rack
Pots and pans can be a pain to store. Their awkward, handled shapes hog cabinet spaces. Once you have a project or two under your belt, installing ceiling racks is a wonderful space-saving project to take on. Racks are affordable, and hanging them looks more difficult than it is. Once installed, ceiling racks will save space while adding a modern, functional aesthetic to your kitchen.

Create a Kitchen Island
Kitchen islands are viewed as an expensive luxury. But kitchen islands don’t need to break the bank. In fact, with a little DIY innovation, creating your own kitchen island can be a cheap and rewarding project. Side tables, dressers, and end tables serve as great potential bases for kitchen islands. Thrift wisely, or repurpose an old favorite piece of furniture. Remember, what condition the top of the furniture is in doesn’t matter. After selecting a piece, you can cover the top with a slab of natural stone or a butcher’s block.

Your kitchen is a great space to begin making home improvements. With its wide range of available projects, you can add value to your home no matter you experience with renovation. Whether it is as simple as optimizing your wall space or something a little more challenging like installing a ceiling rack, taking up a DIY kitchen project is both personally rewarding and beneficial to your home. Choose a project from the list that you feel comfortable with and begin your journey to a better-looking home.

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